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Balloon Garlands are popular for baby showers, hen’s day, birthdays, engagement parties and weddings, corporate & hospitality events and so much more.

Our professionally installed Balloon Garlands start from 3 meters and can big as you dream it to be!!!! 

What makes our balloons better than a Kmart pack?

  • Our balloon Garlands are built with thicker professional grade balloons.
  • We build the majority of our Garlands using balloons 40cm and 60cm in size. Other mass produced Garlands use much smaller balloons.
  • We double stuff our balloons, creating a more opaque and lux impact. And allows us to mix custom in the balloons to achieve the perfect colours for your theme.
  • You can also upgrade your garland look with speciality balloons.

How much time to does it take to build a Balloon Garland?

  • We need a minimum of 3 hours on site before your event to inflate all balloons and build the garland. The larger the garland, the more time required.
  • We do not have a van to transport pre-inflated balloons. 

What can the Balloon Garland be attached to?

  • Balloon Garlands make a bigger impact if they can be attached to walls, ceilings, entryways, staircases, outdoor areas and more.
  • However we appreciate that not all venues locations allow this. So we include a selection of backdrop structures. Or you can hire your own.

Please read hire conditions and security deposit information here.