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Capture the moment of your Baby's Gender Reveal with a Luxury Customised Balloon

Looking for a beautiful and intimate way to celebrate your baby's gender reveal? A luxury custom gender reveal balloon and a great photographer is all you need!
It can be intimidating to think that you need to hold a big party for you baby's gender reveal! And every other milestone leading up to and after your bub's birth. I get it, it can be overwhelming and sometimes it's just easier to say no to the big party.

Instead I urge you to consider something smaller, something more intimate. A moment to share with just you and your partner. A moment to remember forever.
Gender Reveal Maternity Photo shoot by Lady and Lens Photography. Customised Balloon by Newcastle Dried Flower Co

Our Luxury Customised Balloons are a gorgeous Gender Reveal prop for a photoshoot! Picture yourself in a beautiful maternity photoshoot with just you and your partner on the beach at sunset. And a floating white balloon personalised with your baby's name in gold reflecting the light.

Tips for creating a memorable gender reveal moment.

Customised Gender Reveal Balloons are not just limited to new parents, no way! Gender reveals are an exciting moment that your kids will love participating in and will remember forever! To make it even more memorable, our balloons can be customised to say "Brother or Sister?" and your maternity photoshoot now becomes a really cool and fun family photo shoot.
Gender Reveal Photoshoot with Customised Gender Reveal Balloon by Newcastle Dried Flower Co

Every family is different and so I think every gender reveal balloon and photoshoot should be different too. So I have put together some tips for creating a memorable gender reveal moment.

1. Choose a location that is special to you and you partner. Or a place that your family feels free to run around and show their excitement.
2. Decide if you'll take your own videos and photos or if you'll use a professional photographer to capture every detail of moment. I highly suggest to hire someone so that you can truly be in the moment with your partner and kids. Nicole Issac from Lady & Lens captured these moments of Gina & Andy's Gender Reveal.

3. If using a photographer, ask for their advice on the best time to photograph this intimate family moment, so that the lighting creates the most magical photos to suit your style.

4. Create a luxury customised balloon to suit your style. There is no need to settle for a generic and tacky black balloon with big white question marks and curling ribbon! No way! I'm all about designing a beautiful and sophisticated balloon made to suit you. You can choose
  • balloon colour
  • font and font colour
  • the wording
  • and even the ribbon type for the balloon tail (I'm obessed with flowing faux silk ribbons and dried flowers)
5. Decide if you would prefer to stay clean with just confetti. Or alternatively you may love the chaos and fun of a coloured powder covering you! If powder is the case and you want even more fun and mess, ask for extra powder bombs to throw around after the main pop. It makes for a fun game and incredible random photos and video that you will love forever!

With a custom balloon, you can create a one-of-a-kind gender reveal that everyone will be talking about for years to come.

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