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Our Best Selling Gifts That Are Not A Dried Flower Delivery

Flower Deliveries will always be a beautiful surprise gift to celebrate or lift a friend’s spirit. But sometimes do you want to send something a little more extra, or something that is a touch different? The below gift ideas can be added to either a flower delivery, a personally curated gift box, or sent separately on there own. 

Even number 5 on our list of best selling gifts, can be handwritten and sent separately via snail mail! Read on to find out more!


Beautiful gifts for mum to be. Pregnancy Journal by Axel and Ash, Organic Muslin Wrap by Harpertini


1. “Becoming Mama” Journal by Axel & Ash.

All our Axel & Ash Journals are amongst our favourite gifts! But “Becoming Mama” is truly special and personal. Most often we have noticed that best friends are gifting this gorgeous keepsake to their closest friend to celebrate the announcement of a pregnancy! But we have even had husbands and partners add this journal to a flower order to celebrate this milestone in their relationship and journey together.

“Becoming Mama”  is 309 pages of weekly journal entries covering not only the traditional three trimester. It also includeds journally prompts of the fourth “trimester” to record those first 3 months of mum and bub’s journey. 

Linen wrapped hardcover journal filled with gorgeous photographs, advice and stories from mums worldwide, and inspirational quotes. Shop “Becoming Mama” and all Axel & Ash Journals here.

Shop organic perfume gifts and have locally delivered by Newcastle Dried Flower Co.



2. Australian Made, Clean and Transparent Perfumes by “One Seed”

It might be because we’re in the middle of winter when I write this blog, but I’m obsessed with warm citrusy fragrances at the moment and that is influencing the perfumes that I’m encouraging my shoppers to both test and fall in love with first! One Seed perfume “Slow Fire” is my go to winter fragrance for both men and women. 

“Slow Fire” features the wintery and cosy spiciness of black pepper, cardamom, cedar wood and vanilla. And with the top notes and body of mandarin and blood orange. Think mulled wine, crackle of a fire and the warmth of your partner. As I mentioned above, “Slow Fire” is perfectly suited to men and women. So if you’re willing to share…. 😉

Alternatively if he isn’t willing to share, or you’re having a day when you crave a fragrance that is softener, sunnier and a touch more floral, “Freedom” is a gorgeous soft floral with a fruity pink grapefruit with a element of spring.

You can shop gift fragrances for both men and women here.

If you like to research more about what clean and transparent perfumes are, here is the link to One Seed’s website and blog.


Best selling crystal candles by cleanse and co. Locally delivered gift hampers by Newcastle Dried Flower Co.


3. “New Moon” Crystal Candle by Cleanse & Co.

Candles will always be the best selling gift idea to add onto a flower delivery! And crystal candles are even better! With our asssitance we can guide you to personally select the correct intentional crystals/candles to match the purpose of the gift. Making your flower delivery even more thoughtful and personal.

“New Moon” has always been thoughtful gift to share, as it can celebrates new beginnings, making space for love, strength, happiness and clarity. Releasing fears and thoughts that hold us back.

This candle and it’s crystals of pyrite, clear quartz and citrine is a beautiful gift to celebrate milestone birthdays especially 18th and 21st. Engagements and housewarmings. Promotions, new jobs and or new businesses. And again, it’s beautiful to celebrate new babies, either pregnancy and/or birth.

 Order an intentional and thoughtful gift by Cleanse & Co here.


Slow living gift ideas. journals by axel and ash. Life is a Road Trip Journal. Delivered gift hampers and gift ideas by Newcastle Dried Flower Co


4. “Life’s a Road Trip” Journal by Axel & Ash

Yes another journal by Axel & Ash features in our best selling gift ideas that are not a flower delivery! And here’s a quick side story…

I have owned, loved and used this journal for 5 years before I even started my dried flower and gift delivery business! I promised myself years ago, that when I started my very own business I would have this amazing travel journey in my store! And here I am 7 years later, selling a gift that means so much to me. So I know that this journal will be absolutely loved whoever you gift it too!

This is the perfect travel journal gift for someone who isn’t going to journal every single day of there  round the world gap year. But it is ideal for journaling all side trips and weekends away. For couples and friends jumping in the car and road tripping for a week or two. 

So who is this gift perfect for? Anyone who loves a good road trip or weekend escape!


Handwritten cards are always a thoughtful gift idea. And a gift that will be cherished and appreciated. Vintage Letterpress cards by The Little Press Co


5.  Meaningful Greeting Cards by The Little Press.

Sometime the most meaningful gift you can share with someone is words of encouragement or a personal message. Yes you could send these gorgeous handmade vintage press cards with a flower delivery, but I also love the idea of snail mail. Nothing beats that moment when you find an handwritten addressed note that is not a bill in your mail box.

We stock a bespoke range of cards by Western Australian brand, The Little Press. All cards have been hand printed using a vintage letter press in the Margaret River region. Our two most popular cards are “You are made of Magic” and “You make the world better place”. Both designs are so simple but so personal. 

If your message is more than a couple of words, please email us and and we will either write by hand or print into the card what you would like to share. This timeless yet rare service, including postage, is $15 extra. A card may be less than flowers, and not as obvious. But the thoughtfulness, and the extra care taken to share a personal message with a loved one is worth so much more than any large material object.

Select the perfect and bespoke letterpress card and send via snail mail here.












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