Collection: Cleanse & Co - Crystal Candles

Cleanse & Co Crystal Candles are always a favourite gift to both give and receive! Here are our top 3 tips when selecting a crystal candle to add to one of our Gift Boxes or Dried Flower deliveries.

- Candles are perfect for someone who enjoys a little pampering or self-care! Pick the candle based on the intentional meaning behind the crystals. The Pink Rose Quartz is popular for a little self love, or to send a message of love.

- Fragrance!! We subconsciously always link certain fragrances to those we love! For example, Do they love the beach? Do they enjoy the freedom and chilled vibes of a morning in the ocean? They'll love Cleanse & Co's "Full Moon Candle" - Sea Salt & Vanilla.

- Are you finding it hard to pick? Then we recommend Cleanse & Co's "Covered All Bases". We have personally selected the Creamy Caramel & Vanilla Fragrance for this candle. As it is always a favourite! And a little self indulgent without the calories! And always comforting! It also includes 5 differing crystals, covering all intentions of support and abundance.